Chairman:  Jackie Stevens 11838526_10206284056715838_6882909190136096594_o

Jackie is a freelance instructor and frequently teaches at clinics for the Club and has been part of Bookham Riding Club and on the Committee for many years. Jackie has competed a lot on her Lippizaner/Lusitano mare Bailina but has become very involved with the Retraining of Racehorses and the family now have 3 ex racehorses to re-train and compete on. Jackie can often be found with one of her 3 daughters regularly competing in dressage, SJ and horse trials with her own ex-racehorse Gigawatt and her daughters’ horses, Chartplan and The Champagne Boy. Jackie is looking forward to an exciting new year with the Riding Club and her family.

Tel. 07973266270          Email:

Membership Secretary: Stacey Collins Stacey C

Stacey can be seen competing in all disciplines on her Veteran Appalosa mare, Sasha.  Or progressing with training and competing with Panama, a Knabstrupper from Denmark.

Tel. 01344 420028


Suzi Kirby Suzi K

Suzi has been on the Committee since 2004.  Having competed for many years previously in most disciplines, she and her horses, now have a quieter riding life thanks to Suzi’s two young children who now take up most of her spare time!


Website & Social Media: Rachel Dorrell 11008819_10155514677120328_2344834500146988378_o

Rachel currently competes on her ex racehorses Dave & Prince, along with her ISH Bob, in a number of disciplines from Drag Hunting to BS Club. She will also often be seen on one of the Bookham teams.

Sarah Jones Sarah Jones                                                  

Sarah has been riding for some (sharp intake of breath) 35 years on and off and has owned Milo since he was 5.  She has been a member of Bookham Riding Club for a number of years; a member of the Committee for most of those years. Milo & Sarah will often be spotted on our Endurance Teams.



Training Manager: Anita Ferris 10501625_10204600633228230_9048958149926149301_n

Anita has been part of Bookham Riding Club for a number of years and arranges invaluable training opportunities for both juniors and seniors. Anita will be seen with her ex racehorse Luna at numerous events and representing the Club in team events.



Lauren Faggetter 11144450_10153660409717147_5605841526037148606_n

Lauren will often be seen at Bookham events with either Sid or Rudi. Always cheery with her two Dalmations at foot! Lauren enjoys her jumping although has recently dabbled with a bit of dressage!

Jumping Team Manager: Kelly Smith image1-3

Kelly is renowned for her super speedy show jumping rounds on the pinging Dora! Having been a member for numerous years, Kelly has now joined the committee and will also be taking the reins from Sarah as the Show Jumping Team Manager for 2016.



Lucy Bensley 11811445_486279664874585_450563275818882574_n

Lucy and Henry love putting themselves to the test in our Endurance Team and strutting their stuff at dressage events. Henry is one of the Clubs many ex racehorses who is seen out and about at Bookham events.


Sponsorship Secretary: Victoria Gange-Parry  13434703_10154350954814203_5239547177009916003_n

Victoria joined the committee in 2016, her Irish draught Johnny & Redwings pony Puckles attend various Bookham Riding Club training sessions as well as competitions and team events.

Dressage Team Manager: Julia Close 26913420_10156424110305715_1665334481_n

Julia has been a member of the club for many years and enjoys competing her Irish Sports Horse Lexi in various disciplines as well as taking part in the many training sessions the club offers. She is now taking on the challenge of Dressage Team Manager


Wendy Wilman FB_IMG_1501190508455

Wendy joined the committee in 2016 and is often seen at our shows either helping and / or on foot as chief groom with her ex racehorse horse, Soviet Suspect, with her daughter Rebecca or sharer Sophie on board.


Emily Penney image1

Emily has been a member of Bookham RC for 5 years and is thrilled to have joined the committee. She will usually be found on her coloured ISH, Leo, competing for the eventing, show jumping and dressage teams. Her very old pony, Troy, has also been brought back onto the scenes and is loving having a bit of Bookham RC action too…!



Cathy McGettigan

Elisa Faima



Bridleways Officer:   Colin Sandford 

Tel. 01483 280870